Innova E&S is a new SARL (Limited Liability Company) based in Dakar (Senegal) and brings its expertise in IT consulting & engineering as well as infrastructure systems for several sectors to customers in the fields of meteorology, civil aviation, building, telecommunication systems, defense and security, finance, public and private administrations.

The business core of Innova’s activities is based on expertise in the fields of meteorology, civil aviation, civil work, ICT. This first conviction is the driving force behind the success of Innova E&S.

Innova E&S offers the following services:

  • Consulting,

  • Assistance/Collaboration in project implementation,

  • Site Survey,

  • Studies and Designs (Systems, Buildings, ...),

  • Documentation engineering,

  • Preparation of tenders,

  • Installation of technical systems,

  • Technical training,

  • Site Acceptance Tests (SATs) of Systems and Technical installations.

Innova E&S develops software applications in the fields of meteorology, civil aviation, public and private administrations, finance, defense and security, ...

In the Long-term, Innova E&S is looking at becoming a leading provider of critical-missions’ applications in the fields of meteorology and civil aviation with respect to ASBU Block Modules.

The goal of Innova E&S corresponds to its long-term vision: to become a leader in each developed product market.

To achieve this goal, Innova E&S has several high-level engineers to carry out design and study projects for technical and information departments in major national civil aviation authorities, telecom and tertiary agencies.

Innova E&S is specialized in high technology of IT infrastructure and focuses on the specialty of its customers and staff with a good business ethics.

Innova E&S is involved in projects with technological challenges and naturally accompanies all its customers in the areas of innovation, R&D, and Information Systems.